Monday, February 24, 2014

Creating a Household Inventory

Create a Living List
The best loss is one that never happens … but if you are subject to a loss, how can you help prevent the hassles of creating a list of the things that were lost or damaged or stolen from memory alone? By creating a living inventory of the items in your home. Sound difficult? It’s easier than you think with the Allstate Digital Locker tool for your smartphone. And by the way, anyone can download the tool for free (you don’t have to be an Allstate customer).

Digital locker is a free tool from Allstate that allows you to create a visual inventory of your personal property. With it, you can use your camera or phone to take pictures of your items, organize them by room or category, assign a value to them and store them safely in the cloud.
How does it work?
• Secure Account – Digital Locker allows you to create a username and password so that you can access your account from any internet-connected device
• Templates – We provide you with room and category templates to help you get started with your inventory process and create a property catalog
• Photos – You can either take photos with your smartphone or use existing photos to add to your inventory for a visual reference of your items
• Item Value – You can also enter information on the value of your items (you can use your best judgment, or use the Google or barcode search)
• Synchronized Data – You can access your “locker” from the app or the website and back up your inventory to Allstate’s secure data cloud
What are some of the advantages of creating a home inventory?
• Online, secure inventory of your personal property that can help you itemize your possessions for insurance purposes
• Putting the value on your possessions may help you determine what your insurance limits should be
• Home inventories help you to keep track of your possessions and help replace items due to a loss (and may even help streamline the claims process)
• Easily accessible information from any internet-connected device
• You can share the information with others, so that they are aware of your personal property and its value
• You can print or email a copy of your inventory as needed
• In the event of a claim, it will help you prevent the hassles of trying to recreate a list or description from memory

February 2014