Friday, June 13, 2014

Personal Umbrella Policy: What is it and Do I need one?

Protecting your family and assets is a top priority, which is why people have insurance.  But what happens if you find yourself in a situation where your insurance is not enough?  Well, that's when a personal umbrella policy could help cover you.

A personal umbrella policy (PUP) is a type of insurance that provides liability coverage over and above your automobile or homeowners policy.  So, if your liability coverage isn't enough to cover the damages of an accident you cause or an incident on your property, a personal umbrella policy kicks in right where your other liability underlying limits have been reached.  An umbrella policy can protect you when your automobile or homeowners insurance isn't enough.

In most cases, personal umbrella policies are available in million dollar increments, from $1 million to $5 million.  While PUP coverage is not required, it offers increased protection in the unfortunate incident of an accident.

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