Thursday, March 13, 2014

I've been in a car accident.....Now What?

Consider these steps to take after an accident

1. Check for Injuries - First thing, take care of yourself and others.  find out if anyone is hurt.  If anyone requires emergency assistance, call 911.
2.  Exchange Info - Share Insurance information with the other drivers, as well as names, addresses and
phone numbers.  Write down the other vehicle's make, model and license number.
3.  Witnesses - Ask for permission to contact in case you need them. 
4.  File Report - Call local law enforcement to the scene or go to the nearest station to complete a report.  Try to obtain a copy or ask the officer for the report number.
5.  Take Photos - If you're traveling with a camera or camera phone, it's a good idea to take pictures at the scene.  Get shots of the vehicles involved, damage and license plates.  This kind of documentation may help later with your claim.
6.  Contact Your Insurer - Contact your insurance company as soon as possible to report your accident and any damages.

TIP FOR THE DAY - I've had clients who were not at fault, but the other person changed their don't need to, but if someone steps up and says what happened get their information.

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