Tuesday, June 2, 2015

What is Transportation Expense (And Do You Really Need It)?

As you look through your auto policy documents, you might have seen a coverage called Transportation Expense.  What is this?  And do you REALLY need it? 

Basically Transportation Expense is there to help you when your car is unavailable due to a covered claim. 

Let’s say that you had a fender bender and your car is in the shop for a few days getting a new bumper.  Or after a major storm, you’ve got hail damage that needs to be repaired.

While the car is being repaired, what will you drive? 

That’s where Transportation Expense comes into play.  With this coverage, the insurance company will pay a certain amount per day (based on your policy) towards a rental car.  That way, you’re not inconvenienced while the repairs are being made. 

We highly recommend that you have this coverage, however there are a few situations where it might not be necessary.

If you own multiple vehicles and could easily drive another while your car is in the shop, you may not need rental coverage.  And if you rarely drive your vehicle, don’t have a job that requires you to drive daily, and could easily stay home for a week and walk where you need to go, you may not need rental coverage either.

If you’re not sure what’s best for you, then give us a call at 703-556-7857 to discuss exactly how much the coverage will cost you each month and what different levels are available.  We look forward to helping you choose the right insurance coverage!

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